Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy is to listen.

They may have questions racing through their mind like, “Am I really pregnant? or “What are my parents going to think?”

With all the questions come lots of emotions. A listening ear can be the very thing your friend needs right now. Do your best to not react too quickly and take in what they are saying. 

How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

1. Give them Time to Process

With an unexpected pregnancy comes a lot of fear, anxiety, and confusion around what to do next. It’s important to give them plenty of time to process their emotions and not pressure them into any sort of decision. The decision is ultimately theirs but they may ask you for advice in the meantime. Knowing your friend, you will know when you need to give them more space or when they simply just need a hug.

2. Check In 

Sometimes people can keep others at a distance when going through a hard time. You may already know this about your friend. Check-in by texting, calling or visiting to make sure they know they are not alone and you are there for them. Order their favorite kind of food and have it delivered. Just a simple gesture will go a long way. 

3. Encourage Professional Pregnancy Help

There is only so much advice you can give a friend who is in the middle of an unexpected pregnancy. Leading them to get professional pregnancy help is best. To move forward, encourage your friend to confirm they are pregnant and find out how far along they are with lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound. 


Your friend can schedule free and confidential pregnancy testing and ultrasound at Dove Medical. We can help confirm their pregnancy and offer information and resources.