So, you’re preparing to tell your parents news that nobody dreams of sharing.

“I’m pregnant” — These words may still feel surreal coming from your mouth and the thought of telling your parents is likely accompanied by stomach-churning anxiety and fear. Thankfully, you’re not alone!

“How do I tell my parents I’m pregnant?” Here are a few helpful tips from Dove Medical about how to have this important conversation with your parents:

1. Confirm your pregnancy

This may go without saying, but before telling your parents the news, you’ll want to confirm that you really are pregnant.

Even if you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test, you’ll want to schedule a free appointment for lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound exam.

While pregnancy tests will identify pregnancy hormones, an ultrasound exam is required to confirm that you are pregnant with a viable pregnancy. In other words, this scan will tell you the location of your pregnancy, if there is heartbeat activity, and how far along you are.

You may even consider bringing your ultrasound scan along as you tell your parents. This will help them see that you’re taking this seriously and will avoid confusion as you share the news.

2. Educate yourself on your options

After you confirm your pregnancy at your local pregnancy clinic, you’ll want to take time to explore the resources available to you related to your pregnancy options. When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering parenting, adoption, and abortion.

For some women, it can be a challenge to decide which option is best. As you decide, it’s helpful to take time to discover the resources and help available to you.

At Dove Medical, a trained patient advocate will be available to help you explore your decision-making needs and concerns which can be helpful in making an informed decision for your future!

We also recommend sharing the information you learn with your parents. This will help them see that you’re taking ownership of your situation and are taking time to make an educated decision.

3. How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

Telling your parents that you’re pregnant can feel extremely scary and vulnerable, which might prevent you from expressing your feelings. We recommend taking time before the conversation to reflect on the emotions you’re experiencing. Whether you’re scared, nervous, sad, or excited, be sure to express how you feel with your parents.

Being open with them will give them insight into how to best support you during this time and will hopefully make this process easier for all of you.

4. Allow your parents to process the news

While you may have taken a pregnancy test weeks ago, remember that your parents are just now learning the news. Their first reaction may not be ideal, but give them time to process and ask questions.

As they respond, try to stay calm, cool, and collected. It might even help to give them time alone as they work through the news. While they may be angry or feel betrayed at first, the goal is for you and your parents to move forward from the initial shock and work together as you decide what the future will look like.

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