Last year brought a lot of changes to our country. Roe v. Wade, the cornerstone court case that legalized abortion across the US, was overturned, leaving many to speculate about how women’s rights might change.

While the Supreme Court of the US struck down the law, it left the power to each state to decide whether to legalize abortion or not.

Since this change in June 2022, many states have been increasing abortion restrictions. Currently, in Oregon, there is no abortion ban with no gestational limitations.

The Life of the Woman

Since some states now have more restrictions than others (including complete bans), some have wondered if women’s health may now be in jeopardy. However, no state, regardless of abortion ban status, can legally deny anyone life-saving emergency medical treatment, including pregnant women.

This means that in cases where abortion may be necessary to protect the life of the woman, emergency care is protected.

Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy

Miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy treatments are not affected by any changes to abortion laws in any state. Neither are considered abortions.

Miscarriages happen naturally when the pregnancy is not developing as it should.

Ectopic pregnancies occur when the embryo develops outside the uterus and, therefore, cannot survive. Ectopic pregnancies do require medical treatment, as they can be life-threatening.

Next Steps

Pregnancy verification with ultrasound is essential because it can help recognize these situations and protect your health. We offer lab-quality pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasound at Dove Medical, all free and completely confidential.

Having your pregnancy verified also allows you to better understand all of the options that may be available to you, based on how far along you are, the health of your pregnancy, etc. You deserve to have your questions answered to feel confident in your decision.

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