Think you might be pregnant? You may be anxious thinking through the possibilities – wondering what the people in your life may think, milling over the financial implications, or just questioning if you’re ready. Your feelings are valid, but know that you’re not alone in this. There is help available to you. 

Before you settle on your decision spend some time to ensure you are making an informed decision, with the complete picture on all your options. You deserve to know the best medical steps for your health and future. 

Have Your Pregnancy Confirmed by a Medical Professional

While you may have already taken a home pregnancy test and seen that first positive, you will want to be sure with a medical-grade test. 

Our professional medical team can help you confirm your pregnancy, with lab-quality pregnancy testing that tests the levels of HCG (pregnancy hormone) in urine. Dove Medical can provide this testing at no cost to you. 

You can also receive official proof-of-pregnancy documentation that may be necessary for any next medical steps and get your questions answered. 

Receive a Free Ultrasound

An ultrasound can answer many questions about your pregnancy and your next steps. A sonographer can help determine the location, gestational age, and if the pregnancy has heartbeat activity. All ultrasound exams are reviewed by our physician who makes the diagnosis of pregnancy.  

Your next steps may be dependent on the answers to these questions. For example, the stage of your pregnancy can determine the types of abortion procedures available and what risks and pricing you’d need to consider. 

An ultrasound can also clue you in to potential pregnancy complications. If the pregnancy is located outside the uterus (otherwise known as an ectopic pregnancy) or if the pregnancy is not viable (if a heartbeat is not detected), immediate medical attention is required to prevent further complications. 

Know Your Options & Ask Questions

As well as receiving your free pregnancy test and ultrasound, you may choose to talk to a trusted professional about your options and ask any remaining questions. 

At Dove Medical, we’re here for you. We believe you deserve to have accurate information on all your options to make an informed choice for you and your future. We’re here to listen, provide information on the many resources available to you, and empower you to plan your next steps.

Make sure you have the answers as you finalize your choice. You deserve to prioritize your health and future. Gathering all the facts first is a helpful first step. We’re here to help. You can schedule your free, confidential appointment today

This post is for education and information purposes only and does not substitute the advice of a Healthcare Professional.

Dove Medical offers pregnancy diagnosis, decision coaching, and accurate information about all pregnancy options; however we do not offer or refer for abortion services.