What We Offer


  • Our services are designed to help women make informed decisions about pregnancy.
  • All of our services are confidential and available to our patients free of charge regardless of race, religion or income.
  • We do not benefit financially from your decision.
  • We do not perform or refer for abortion. We refer all patients for continuing medical care.

Pregnancy Testing

  • The testing we offer is to determine pregnancy hormone levels sufficient to indicate pregnancy. We use a test that is 99% accurate.
  • The test may be positive as early as 7-9 days after conception. It is helpful if you know the start date of your last period when you come in.

Decision Coaching

  • We offer the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide designed for people making health or social decisions. The decision guide is a tool for shared decision making using a patient-centered care philosophy. The patient’s perspective is primary as the healthcare team meets patient needs using an integrated approach.
  • A decision coach provides support to develop the patient’s skills in:
    • thinking about options
    • preparing for discussing the decision in a consultation  with the healthcare professional
    • implementing the chosen option

Ultrasound Exam

  • We offer a limited obstetrical ultrasound to qualifying patients.


  • Dove Medical offers information on sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

After Abortion Support

  • Dove Medical offers support for women dealing with post-abortion issues. If you need someone to listen, please call or come in and schedule an appointment to talk with one of our staff members.

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